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« : 07 Октябрь 2012, 12:24:48 »

В частности, пишут:

1) From what I have seen, MBB has a tendency to hire the following personality types:

McK - well-rounded with certain standout qualities
BCG - academically accomplished, book-smart people
 Bain - cool frat bros

2) In terms of culture, this has been my impression:

McK - work hard, play hard
BCG - work moderately hard, play moderately hard
 Bain - don't work too hard, play hard

Personally, I like McK and Bain more than I do BCG in terms of culture, because I would rather work at a firm where I could either take on the most amount of responsibility and develop professionally as fast as possible (McK) or have the most amount of fun (Bain). BCG seems to be somewhat in-between, which I don't think I would like as much.

3) Prestige-wise, I agree with what has been said above:

In the US, McK > BCG = Bain.

I would also like to add that globally, the prestige ordering is McK > BCG > Bain (but there are certain markets where the prestige ranking is different). McK has the largest market share world-wide, and its research is the most cited out of MBB. McK will give you the best set of exit ops to any part of the world in any industry. Also, the alumni network of McK is simply unparalleled.

In terms of b-school admission, people from MBB seem to fare very similarly, though I have read before that McK is slightly better than BCG and Bain. It wouldn't surprise me if top b-schools like HBS and Stanford, which care a lot about the prestige and the selectivity of the prior work experience of their student body, slightly preferred applicants from McK over those from BCG and Bain.

4) Compensation-wise, the three firms are comparable for the most part.

5) The nature of work is pretty much the same across the three firms. I think though that McK and BCG tend to serve bigger clients than Bain. Bain's strength lies in its work in PE.

6) MBB are definitely a tier above Booz and Deloitte.

In regards to your question about which of the three would be the best for making a long-term career out of, I think it really depends on how you fit into the culture. For the most part, MBB are very similar to one another, so the impact of the differences in culture on your career development will most likely dwarf that of any marginal differences prestige, compensation, etc.


Оригинал взят отсюда (+там много чего еще полезного написано):

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« Ответ #1 : 07 Октябрь 2012, 17:42:23 »

Да, топик на WSO отличный. Жаль, что сорудники московских офисов не делятся такими вещами :)

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« Ответ #2 : 04 Декабрь 2012, 21:21:02 »

Абсолюбно нерелевантный источник мнений непонятно кого и про кого. А я все больше убеждаюсь что Cognoscenti это маковские брейнвошеры.

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